“Thank you for connecting in with me and visiting my website.

At this stage of my life I am dedicated to serving others and honoring my creative expression.

I have developed aspects of myself through my creative journey and through the practicing and teaching of yoga for over 20 years.

I have much to offer in each area of my website so i welcome enquiries for conversation on how I may assist you,your family or business.

I am passionate about uplifting humanity and raising the self esteem and feeling of inner peace within whoever I work with;whether it is creating a legacy piece through my photography when I capture the beauty I see within a person or developing a personal practice of Yoga designed specifically for someone it is my joy to work with people as I intertwine both the spiritual and creative aspects of myself and move towards my unique potential.

I celebrate each day as a precious gift and am grateful for the opportunity to share who I am and enhance your world however I can."