"Working with Mixed Media and colour to express aspects of my soul is one of my favourite passtimes.


I have been a  Mercury Bay Art Escape member and have been exhibiting in their annual Studio Tours for 3 years. I currently exhibit at "The LIttle Gallery" in their Tairua and Auckland branches.

Painting is my free space away from responsibilities to play and create abstract pieces which I enjoy because of the unspoken invitation to see what you want to see.

As light changes the colours of our days from dawn to dusk,my work changes in the different lights and angles when you view it from its place on your wall. The observer and the observed are equally important and can be different in each moment"

I invite enquiries for commissioned pieces on a theme or colour palette you choose to fit in with your decor.


You can also find my work alongside many talented artists from the Coromandel by visiting



One of my most requested photographic jobs is to create a Personal Portrait in my Unique layering style.I do this process through two different photo shoots,which I print and then manually create.

This work involves getting to know a client and what they resonate with in terms of colours in Nature,places they love,cultures that appeal and even home decor colours as these images often end up being wall art within the home. I invite you to connect with me so we can discuss the process in depth and I can design a legacy piece of art to share with friends and family.